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Why Choose Industrial LCD Instead of a Standard Screen Sep 09, 2022

What is the difference between an industrial panel PC and an ordinary computer?

The main difference is the design and construction. Industrial Panel PCs integrate a touchscreen panel and a powerful computer into one system. This is not the same as a consumer-grade PC, which is not the same as an external monitor. Additionally, industrial tablets are ruggedly constructed and designed to survive harsh and extreme environments, whereas ordinary consumer-grade PCs are only suitable for indoor desktop use.


Industrial LCD vs. Standard LCD

When choosing an industrial panel PC, choosing an industrial-grade LCD over a standard consumer-grade LCD is important to improve system performance and ensure that it can withstand deployment in harsh environments.

Standard LCDs cannot survive challenging environments, and for some use cases, they are not bright enough, especially in direct sunlight. For the best viewing experience, the monitor must have a bright screen; standard LCD monitors only offer 250 – 350 nits of brightness. Compare this to Premio's industrial panel PCs, which can be equipped with panels with up to 1000 nits of brightness, making them perfect for outdoor deployments.


Premio's LCD Industrial Displays combine high brightness and optical bonding technology to significantly improve readability in outdoor spaces, especially when the display is placed in harsh sunlight. These improvements make industrial tablets an ideal solution for deployment in kiosk machines and digital signage outdoors, where they will be exposed to direct sunlight. Industrial Panel-PC-ratio-4:3-16:9-FHD-7H-1000-nits


Plus, they come with tough, scratch-resistant glass, which is important and you should be looking for on a sturdy tablet. The screen glass of Premio's industrial panel PCs is harder than most LCD screens on the market, with a hardness of 7H according to the Moh hardness scale. 7H is twice as hard as 6H, meaning the display is harder than copper pennies, knife boards or steel nails, making the display resistant to scratches from hard materials that would normally scratch the display.


Another advantage of Premio Industrial Panel PCs is the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios available in the product lineup. The 16:9 widescreen LCD is the ideal complement to F HD (high definition) content and the most popular choice in today's digital world. However, some sectors of the automation industry are still using legacy software that only supports 4:3 display ratios, requiring industrial panels to have the same aspect ratio. Since 4:3 display ratios are hard to find on tablets or HMIs, tablets are a better choice in terms of support and reliability. Premio offers 4:3 aspect ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio compatible industrial panel PCs for a variety of industrial automation production lines utilizing an all-in-one panel PC.

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