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Good Reasons to Use an Industrial Panel PC in Your Facility Sep 15, 2022

Industrial computers with touchscreens are very popular devices in manufacturing or on the shop floor. However, many companies are still stuck in the past, using consumer-grade computers that include keyboards and mice. Not only is this computing option more likely to fail and disrupt your operations, there are many reasons why using an Industrial Panel PC (IPC) can save you time and money in the long run. Here are six of those benefits.


1. Efficiency:

Industrial workers sanitize industrial computers When people operate PCs and use keyboards, if they need to enter data frequently, they constantly look up at the screen and then look down at their fingers. With a touchscreen, everything is right in front of them. They don't take their attention away from the screen, which increases productivity and is safer because fewer mistakes are likely to be made.


2. Versatility:

Panel mount PCs can be placed almost anywhere; they can be integrated into equipment and machinery, or into walls and control panels. Industrial computers use software that can be updated as needed, allowing you to tackle more complex tasks if your application calls for it.


3. Ruggedness:

Industrial panel PCs with a touchscreen are built to last. They can withstand vibration, shock, and heavy use. This is especially important if multiple employees are going to be using one unit.


4. Easy Clean Up:

Since many work environments are not going to be the cleanest, panel PCs are designed to be wiped down with water or cleansers. Most of them have an IP65 rated front bezel, which means the screen is dust and waterproof. Using a touchscreen eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse. These two items are especially prone to dirt and dust build up, so getting rid of them makes the system a lot more hygienic.


5. Fanless Cooling:

Industrial touchscreen PCs usually have fanless cooling systems to protect the unit from sucking in dust that can damage internal components. Eliminating this common problem can dramatically improve the life of your equipment.


6. Simplicity:


Keys and commands aren’t fixed on an industrial touchscreen. Depending on your application and software, you can show only functions that are completely necessary, and it can be easily configured. The keyboard interface can be included on the screen to further consolidate process functions. This also increases efficiency in a distracting environment.


In the constantly moving manufacturing environment, using an industrial touchscreen PC has many advantages over a consumer-grade product. At Yanyuetech, we have many options that will fit perfectly into your existing environment, and we are capable of designing custom solutions when required. Contact Yanyuetech to get more information on our available touchscreen PCs.

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