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Why Shock Resistance Matters for Industrial PC Sep 01, 2022

Why Shock Resistance Matters for Industrial PC

The office environment is controllable. Offices are air-conditioned, cleaned frequently, and never have large industrial equipment inside. Commercial computers are well suited for this type of environment. But just like you'll never see industrial equipment in an office, ideally you'll never see a commercial computer in an industrial workplace. The dynamic and changing environment of a factory, meat processing plant or other industrial facility requires equipment suitable for harsher environments. One of these requirements is impact resistance. A good industrial PC needs to be shock resistant in order to function properly in any situation.


Why An Industrial PC Needs To Be Shock Resistance:

There are many situations where a shock-resistant industrial PC is required. Think of all the vehicles used in your plant, whether cranes, forklifts or tractors: they all face situations that typical commercial vehicles cannot handle. It could be a bumpy road -- or no road at all. Regardless, the computers you use in these vehicles must also be able to withstand these conditions.


In areas such as foundries where metal is cast, there are many routine operations that result in the release of large shock waves. Over time, these shock waves can damage delicate components used in conventional computers. By using an industrial PC that is shock-resistant, this damage can be avoided and your computer will last longer.

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