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What is an embedded computer Aug 10, 2022

Although you may not realize it, embedded computer systems exist in many aspects of our daily lives and work. An embedded computer system is any dedicated system that is completely closed. General-purpose computer systems have many options for performing various tasks to add to and integrate with other systems, while embedded computer systems accomplish a single, centralized task. This means they can be designed to best serve their single purpose without requiring flexibility or additional functional capabilities.



An embedded system is a small, dedicated computer designed to perform one function. These systems are often equipped with constrained real-time computing, which allows it to run in larger systems. These small systems act as part of larger systems to perform more complex functions. While a single embedded computer may perform only one task, many together can perform complex tasks or functions as part of an overall system.


Embedded computer systems are not operated by using keyboards, buttons, or touchscreens, but by sensors, actuators, and other modes of communication. They are designed to run on their own without human interaction.


Everyday examples of embedded computer systems include cell phones, ATMs, printers, thermostats, and even video game systems. But the list gets longer when considering the many different embedded computer systems used in manufacturing and industry.


An Embedded PC is a robust system made of highly reliable, high-quality components that provide years of service. There are many off-the-shelf fanless options such as Embedded Box PCs, Rackmount Industrial PCs or Fanless PCs that range in performance from 486 processors primarily for older systems to featuring the latest Intel® processors and integrated NVIDIA® GPUs primarily for Edge and edge AI computing.


These systems are extremely reliable and have a long life expectancy, with a long life cycle, so they can be replaced within a few years. Fanless operation means less dust, debris, grease and moisture are drawn into your system. The rugged housing protects the system from dust and debris, as well as shock and vibration. Extended temperature range available.



Embedded PCs operate reliably in poor ventilation, limited space, extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. A wide range of processing performance is provided, and the embedded PC provides a wide range of IO to make it easy to interface with auxiliary devices.


In factories and industrial plants, the use of embedded computer systems is widespread. They are used in various automated manufacturing tasks in industry and manufacturing. They might help operate machines used in production, move assembly lines, communicate changes in systems to computers that interact directly with supervisors, and more. They can also be used to monitor conditions such as temperature and humidity levels in sensitive industrial environments where product quality can be easily compromised. For example, in a factory that produces wood-based materials that generate a lot of dust, computer systems can quickly fail if exposed to harsh environments. A closed computer without a fan helps keep out dust, water, etc.


Embedded computer systems, like any technology that performs important functions as part of a larger system, have their own set of drawbacks. If an embedded system is not designed to withstand harsh conditions, failure is likely. While the tasks an embedded computer is accomplishing may be simple, the computer must have the processing power it needs to repeat the task without the risk of failure. To address these issues, embedded computers must be high-power and rugged.


Shenzhen Yanyue's industrial embedded computers offer high levels of performance and rugged designs. They can be used to complete a variety of positions, including data computing, remote monitoring, and more. These computers have no fans, reducing the risk of failure due to possible dust. They are also sealed to lock in moisture, debris, and anything else a factory or industrial plant can send. Finally, their noise-free design makes them ideal for use in any space.

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