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Do you know what is an industrial motherboard? Aug 18, 2022

What is an industrial motherboard?

An industrial motherboard is an industrial-grade printed circuit board located within a computer chassis that serves as a platform for providing connectivity and scalability for most computer hardware components. The motherboard connects various important computer components and peripherals, such as the processor (CPU), memory (RAM), storage drives (SSD and HDD), and graphics card (GPU). There are several unique motherboard designs that work with specific processors and memory types.


A typical motherboard is very similar in terms of overall functionality, i.e. a platform that provides processing and connectivity. Industrial motherboards come in different shapes, sizes, and functions, making them easily distinguishable from each other. Another attribute that helps differentiate different types of motherboards is to look at their reliability, durability and longevity. Advances in IoT solutions and the shift of computing power from the cloud to the edge require manufacturers to create industrial motherboards that can withstand the challenging environments in which they are deployed.


Form Factor Of Industrial Motherboards

The shapes and sizes of motherboards can vary depending on the fit needed for different sizes of computer cases. These shapes and sizes are also called the form factor. There are no boundaries on how big or small can you custom a motherboard’s form factor as long as the manufacturer can produce it. That said, most industrial motherboards follow the ATX and ITX standard form factor for wide range compatibility.


All-In-ONE | SBC (Single Board Computer)

SBC or single-board computer is a completely functional computer configuration that is built onto a single circuit board. Parts and components in a computer that are normally built independently (such as a microprocessor, memory, I/O, and more) from the PCB are now soldered together onto a circuit board, merging them together onto a single board.

Merging all of the components onto a single board creates a low-powered and efficient computer with a compact form factor that is ideal for IoT and edge computing deployments in space-limited environments. Industrial motherboards also come in a small and compact form factor, such as the 3.5-inch industrial grade SBC. IoT and edge computing solutions tend to be task-specific and devices are deployed in harsh environments with space constraints issues. The challenge for such deployments is finding a rugged and compact device that is also capable of delivering powerful processing, fast connectivity, and sufficient storage. Therefore, the 3.5-inch SBC is the perfect compact form factor that is large enough to pack sufficient I/O and other features on the system to support a wide range of industrial applications.

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