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What are the advantages of embedded computers over commercial mainframes Jan 06, 2023


Industrial PCs are mainly used in industrial sites, and are often embedded in large-scale mechanical equipment, so they are also called embedded industrial PCs. The embedded industrial computer has the basic characteristics of a computer, such as an external chassis, IO interface, internal CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card, sound card, network card, and embedded industrial computer.



Generally speaking, there are two cooling methods for Industrial Embedded Computer, that is, embedded industrial PCs with fans, compared with 1U, 2U, 4U, 5U and other high-performance industrial PCs. The other is a fanless embedded industrial computer, which mainly relies on a large heat dissipation area for effective heat dissipation. Of course, the fanless embedded industrial computer has low power consumption on the CPU.


In the application, the application scenarios of the two embedded industrial computers will be different. For example, the customer's working environment is dusty and foggy, and a fanless embedded industrial computer is generally used. If the customer's working environment is relatively simple, but requires super-high processing performance, it is necessary to use an embedded industrial computer with a fan.



What are the advantages of embedded industrial computers over commercial hosts? The adaptability of the 4 Slot Expansion Industrial Embedded Computer is relatively better, and it almost completely matches with the peripheral hardware devices. It has rich scalability and high cost performance. The design is compact, and there is no fixed reference standard for structural design. Reasonable arrangements can be made according to customer requirements and actual motherboard applications. It will fully consider the requirements of the external IO interface and make reasonable use of it.


Good stability and high reliability requirements. In terms of customer requirements, it can be designed to be waterproof, dustproof and anti-vibration, and can pass electromagnetic compatibility. Support 7*24 unattended, to achieve uninterrupted work.

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