Embedded Computer
The Embedded Computer: a Special-Purpose System Jan 13, 2023

Embedded computers in industrial environments are essential to facilitate certain important functions. Using embedded computers in industrial applications makes it easier to manage larger systems. They also provide reliable communications, an important aspect of any business operation.


What are Embedded Computers?

Embedded computing refers to a system that carries out peripheral functions within a larger network, unlike general computing. The structure, shape and size of embedded computers vary depending on the functions. They can be small like the ones in smartphones or large in gigantic machinery.


The operating systems for embedded computers work well with hardware with slow CPU, little computing power or little RAM/ROM, and are often made with assembly language to take advantage of the limited resources for computing.


Sensor and Analog Feedback

The use of sensors facilitates the gathering of data whilst the feedback devices feed it back to the processors. For an automated system to carry out its functions, it must get the right information. Sensors types depend on the information they gather such as; flow, electric, magnetic, force, humidity/moisture, pressure, leak, acceleration, acoustic, chemical, or gas.


Predefined Tasks

Embedded systems perform one or more predefined tasks. Usually, there are specific requirements that determine what those tasks are. An industrial computer must also have the right hardware to carry out the predefined tasks.


Design and Efficiency

The design of an embedded system will depend on its applications. Many of the complexities of automated systems get solutions from embedded systems. Embedded computers have microcontrollers that perform repeated functions.


Microcontrollers have integrated systems with all the essential features of a computer chip. These particular systems are efficient because they can do the work for long periods without failing. The need for maintenance is minimal, which is convenient in industrial settings.

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