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Industrial Inspection Automation - Yanyuetech offers AOI Computers for Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment Jul 07, 2022

With the in-depth integration and application of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry, industrial enterprises have devoted great attention to intelligent transformation and automated production, and automated inspection technology based on machine vision is widely used in the industrial field.


Machine vision based AOI automatic optical inspection equipment

Machine vision, a branch of artificial intelligence that is developing rapidly, is the use of machines to replace the human eye for measurement and judgement. The application of machine vision technology to industrial automation, replacing manual vision in conditions where it cannot meet the requirements, can greatly improve production efficiency and production quality. Especially in the inspection of products, this technology has been developed and matured.

Optical inspection machine scans partsOptical inspection machine scans parts


AOI automatic optical inspection is a high-speed, high-precision automated optical image inspection technology that uses machine vision as the standard technology for inspection. When the equipment is automatically inspected, it is controlled by a computer system that uses a camera to automatically scan and capture the image of the object and transmits it to a special graphics processing unit for digital signal conversion, feature extraction and comparison with qualified parameters in a database, and then controls the movement of the object in the field according to the results of identification. Because this method has the advantages of automation, non-contact, speed, accuracy and stability, it is now widely used in LCD/TFT, transistor and PCB industrial processes.

Based on the actual demand for machine vision systems in modern industrial automation industry applications, Advantech Industrial Control has created a machine vision equipment embedded hardware solution that can provide the basic support for the operation of AOI automatic optical inspection equipment.


Yanyuetech Embedded industrial computer hardware solutions for machine vision equipment

Yanyuetech provides embedded AI motherboards, multi-network-port embedded industrial computer quasi-systems, multi-USB-port embedded industrial computer quasi-systems and fanless industrial box PC/computers for machine vision systems with different chipset platforms based on X86 architecture and ARM architecture, which can be highly integrated into AOI automatic optical inspection equipment.

Optical inspection machine scans parts

Optical inspection machine scans parts


The main technical features of Yanyuetech's embedded industrial  computer products for vision equipment are as follows:

Products support Intel, Rexchip and other platform processors, providing powerful CPU and GPU computing power;

Support multiple HDMI,VGA display interface output, support high resolution display;

Soldered on-board memory, support for multiple SATA interfaces on board, etc. to increase storage space, support for SATA 3.0 high-speed storage;

Multi-network-port design, supporting Gigabit Ethernet / WiFi / 3G / 4G network, with flexible network application environment;

Rich I/O function interface design with complete and flexible expansion performance for easy system integration;

Support watchdog function, support software and hardware call self-start;

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux and other operating systems;

Built in strict accordance with industrial grade standards, it is shock and dust resistant and can operate stably in a wide range of conditions such as mild and complex electromagnetic environments.

In addition, Yanyuetech can provide customers with customized systems to meet the individual application needs of customers in different industries.

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