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The main differences between Industrial Personal Computer or Industrial Computers and Personal Computer (PC) are the following Jul 21, 2022

1. Appearance is different, the appearance of PC is basically the same, while the appearance of  Industrial Personal Computer is very varied.

2. Different materials, ordinary computers are basically made of plastic panels + very thin steel plates, while Industrial Personal Computer are made of very thick steel plates or aluminium alloys, which are very strong.

Yanyuetech Industrial Computer

3. Different structure, PC only consider the CPU cooling, almost no other consideration. The Industrial Personal Computer should consider the overall ventilation of the chassis, but also consider dustproof, shock-resistant, such as dust-proof network, shock-resistant hard disk shelves, etc.. In addition, some special requirements of the Industrial Personal Computer may also require waterproof, so we have to do some waterproof design.

4. Different interfaces, PC generally consider only display interfaces, keyboard and mouse interfaces (PS/2 or USB), network ports and USB interfaces on the good, while industrial computers often need to monitor many devices, and thus require multiple display interfaces, multiple network ports, multiple COM ports (COM ports are divided: TTL/RS232/RS422/RS485), multiple USB, and some special interfaces such as GPIO, etc.

Yanyuetech Industrial Computer

Another difference is the invisible part, such as EMC for electromagnetic compatibility to do some special design, for high and low temperature requirements to use some electronic components and materials suitable for high and low temperature, such as resistors, capacitors, chips, LCD screens, etc., there are ordinary commercial grade, industrial control grade, military grade, etc.

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