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The Operating Temperature Requirements for Industrial Computers Nov 24, 2022

Industrial computer is also called industrial PC. If there is no industrial computer or industrial control computer with a display, if the display (touch integration) is called an industrial tablet computer


Because the use of industrial computers is generally different from other commercial computer hosts, there are special requirements for the operating temperature of industrial computers, which we usually call wide temperature.


Wide temperature industrial film For the operating temperature requirements of industrial computers, the specific temperature range depends on customer requirements. For example, some customers have general requirements, 0~60°C. The temperature of industrial computers exported by our factory is generally around -10~60°C to meet their needs.


The fanless computer on the industrial motherboard of the Shenzhen Yanyue - Industrial Motherboard Manufacturer, used by some customers has a complex working environment. Over a wide temperature range, it should be -30°C—at 75°C, it is more demanding, which is much higher for the wide temperature performance of industrial computer hardware. The operating temperature of the industrial computer is closely related to the industrial mainframe, hard drive, memory, cooling case and design structure. We promise our customers that our industrial panels use an operating temperature of -10 to 60°C.


It is not that our industrial computer will not exceed this operating temperature. Wide temperature industrial computer test The temperature difference between industrial computers is very large, and the quality of hardware recommended by customers is generally very good. For example, the number of layers of motherboards, memory hardware, etc. meet high standards. The assembled industrial computer will be tested at high temperature and low temperature in wide temperature test, and only the machines capable of high temperature and low temperature test can be shipped to customers.


Industrial computer-IPC Power Supply internal structure details Of course, customers have special requirements for the working temperature of industrial computers, and the price will be much higher than the general requirements. The specific price should be analyzed in detail.

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