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Optimising Industrial Automation with Scalable Multi-Network Port Fanless Embedded Box PC Jun 21, 2024

Multi-Network Port Fanless Embedded Box PC

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, the need for robust, efficient, and reliable computing solutions is more critical than ever. The Multi-Network Port fanless embedded box PC with an expansion slot from Yanyuetech stands out as a prime example of such a solution.


First and foremost, the inclusion of Multi-Network Port is a game-changer for network connectivity. This Multi-Network Port embedded box PC offers superior network redundancy and enhanced communication capabilities, making it ideal for industrial environments where reliable data transmission is paramount. Whether it's connecting to multiple network devices or ensuring continuous communication in case of a network failure, Multi-Network Port provide the flexibility and reliability needed to keep operations running smoothly.


Secondly, the fanless design of this embedded box PC significantly enhances its durability and reliability. Traditional PCs with fans are prone to dust accumulation and mechanical failure over time, which can lead to unexpected downtimes. By eliminating the fan, this embedded box PC reduces the risk of dust-related issues and mechanical breakdowns, ensuring a longer lifespan and higher reliability. This makes it particularly suitable for harsh industrial environments where dust and debris are common.


Lastly, this embedded box PC can be easily customized to meet specific application needs, whether it's adding additional storage, integrating specialized communication modules, or incorporating other peripheral devices. The expansion slot ensures that as your industrial needs grow, your computing solution can grow with them, offering a future-proof investment.

Embedded Box PC

The Embedded box PC with an expansion slot from Yanyuetech is a robust and versatile solution tailored for industrial applications. Its multiple LAN ports ensure reliable network connectivity, the fanless design offers enhanced durability, and the expansion slot provides the flexibility to adapt to evolving requirements. For industries looking to optimize their automation processes, this embedded box PC is an excellent choice that combines efficiency, reliability, and scalability.


Yanyuetech MIS-EPIC09/10 Expandable Fanless Box PC supports 4th, 6th~11th generation desktop T-series/desktop CPU, adopts modular design, and has a variety of modules to choose from.

1. MXM module: optional 2 network ports, 4 network ports, 4 USB3.0 

2. Power board module: 12V input; 9~36V wide voltage input 

3. GPIO module: optional 16-bit opto-isolated GPIO 

4. Expansion module: 2-slot expansion: PCIEx16+PCIEx4; PCIEx16+PCI 

4-slot expansion: PCIEx16+3PCI

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