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Industrial Computer Requirements For Working Temperature Dec 05, 2022

An industrial computer is also called an industrial PC. If it is not displayed, it is called an industrial PC or an industrial host computer. If it is equipped with a display, it is called an industrial panel computer. Since the use of industrial PCs is usually different from that of commercial computer hosts, the work of industrial PCs The temperature has special requirements, we usually call it wide temperature.


For the working temperature requirements of industrial PCs, the specific temperature range depends on the user's needs. For example, some users' needs are 0~60°C, while general industrial PCs generally have a wide temperature range of -10~60°C °C, it can meet their needs.


But for some High Performance industrial PC working environments that users need to use, it is relatively complicated. For a wider temperature, the requirement must be -30~75℃, and the requirement is relatively high. This will also greatly improve the width of industrial PC hardware temperature capability.


The working temperature of industrial panel PCs is closely related to the ideal working temperature of industrial mainframes, hard disk computers, memory, cooling cabinets and hardware design structures. The working temperature of ordinary industrial tablet computers is -10~60°C, but this does not mean that industrial PCs cannot exceeding the operating temperature.


For industrial PCs with large temperature differences in a wide temperature range, it is recommended that users choose industrial control computers with better hardware quality. For example, the ideal operating temperature of the computer, in the wide temperature test, in the high temperature and low temperature tests, the assembly has a high standard motherboard layer And industrial PCs with a large amount of storage hardware. Only machines that can pass high and low temperature tests can be shipped to users.


Of course, users have special requirements for the working temperature of industrial PCs. The price will be much higher than the general requirements. The specific price should be analyzed.

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