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Application of Industrial Panel PC in Smart Hospitals Nov 04, 2022

With the improvement of the development level of information technology, cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence are transforming and upgrading in thousands of industries. As an indispensable tool for information integration and intelligent terminal services in various industries, industrial panel PC are gradually being widely used in more and more fields.


1. The industrial panel PC for the construction of smart hospitals

In essence, a smart hospital is the application of computers and technologies such as networks and intelligence in the field of hospital service. At present, the smart hospital system mainly includes "smart medical care" (such as remote hospital systems, electronic medical record systems, etc.) for medical staff, "smart services" (such as hospital self-service equipment, digital multimedia, etc.) for patients, and "smart management" (such as automated pharmacies, multi-parameter monitors, etc.) for the hospital. The industrial panel PC is one of the indispensable computer hardware foundations in the whole process of building a smart hospital system.

Take our industrial panel PC as an example. It integrates panel PC technology and industrial computer technology. It can be used in the multi-scenario construction of smart hospitals with technical advantages such as high quality, high performance, and high stability. It is more in line with corresponding national technical standards of medical equipment.


2. Advantages of using the industrial panel PC

(1) High reliability and low power consumption

The industrial panel PC is specially designed for industrial sites, with full consideration of heat dissipation, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and other design content. The ultra-low power consumption fanless design is the mainstream, which is suitable for unattended system equipment such as hospital automated pharmacies, multi-parameter monitors.


(2) It can support high-definition display and higher-end image processing

The industrial panel PC can complete higher-end and high-definition display and image processing by integrating high-performance image/video processing engines. It can be used in hospital self-service terminals and digital multimedia equipment and it is the best information sharing and human-computer interaction platform.


(3) High stability and high scalability

The industrial panel PC has higher product adaptability and scalability than ordinary computers. It can achieve networking intercommunication, multiple peripheral access and intelligent function expansion through its structural and functional interface design.

We believe that the transformation and upgrading of intelligent and informatization in the medical industry is the general trend, and more intelligent system equipment will be integrated into hospital construction in the future. The application demand for intelligent industrial control hardware such as industrial panel PCs in the medical field will also be increasingly strong.

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